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I haven't blogged in years. I used to, back when I traveled a lot and I wanted an easy way to keep a lot of people updated on what I was up to. In fact, when I opened up this blog, I went back and read a lot of my previous posts from back when I visited Rwanda two years ago. It was a fun little trip down memory lane!
My life doesn't include much travel anymore, unless you count flying back and forth between Washington and Michigan (which only happens once or twice a year). It used to happen a lot more frequently back when my husband and I were dating long-distance. But now, with our five week old son added into the mix, I don't see a ton of traveling in our future!
I do, however, find myself in the same situation of wanting to keep people updated on what I'm up to. Now that I live in Michigan, it's hard to stay in touch with all my friends and family back in Washington. And although our life here isn't all that exciting or fascinating, it's still wonderful …