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Dear Michigan, 

I wish you would make up your mind as to the weather. Switching back and forth between 70s and 30s is getting exhausting. As soon as I get used to warm weather and sunshine, we're back to freezing cold and pouring down rain. Make up your mind already!

A non-winter-loving resident

Dear Chickens, 

Stop standing in your food.

Your aspiring chicken-farmer.

Dear Box Elder Bugs,

WHY ARE YOU HERE?!? I had really hoped that you were strictly Washington residents, and finding you here has been an unwelcome surprise. Please leave.

A Bug Hater

Dear Coffee, 

Thank you for always being here for me.

The Mother of a Newborn

Dear Washing Machine, 

Thank you so much for your hard work over the past few weeks. Your ability to handle approximately a hundred burp rags and burp blankets every couple of days is a huge blessing.

The Mother of a Spit-Uppy Newborn

Dear Mom, 
Thank you for filling my freezer with delicious food while you were here, and for making it so worthwhile to sojourn down to the basement for a frozen peanut butter cookie.
Your Perpetually Starving Daughter

Dear Husband, 

Thank you for marrying me two years ago today. I can't imagine life without you.

With tremendous love,
Your Wife

Dear Newborn Son,

Thank you for being so cute, cuddly, and happy, and for sleeping 4 hours last night. Thank you for all your little smiles, squeaks, and the way you love bath time. I love you, and you are precious to me.

With love and exhaustion,
Your Mother


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Our summer this year is 180 degrees different than last summer! Last year, at the end of July, we found out we were pregnant. Now, we have a busy five-month old who fills up most of our time. Last year we went on a few fun weekend trips and get-aways, and this summer, we made it to the mall once to get smoothies and pretzels (seriously one of our favorite dates; don't judge), and felt pretty proud of ourselves.

(Seriously, I have nothing but respect for moms (and parents in general) who maintain a busy life with their kiddos. I pretty much never want to go anywhere because it's so much dang work. I hate nursing in public, so whenever we go somewhere, we're watching the clock for when we need to be back home for the next meal, and carrying around a car seat is super awkward and cumbersome... anyway, the list goes on. But some moms just get out there and continue having a life, quite beautifully, which I completely admire. That mom is not me.)

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Random Thoughts (because I stink at coming up with titles)

A ton of people (okay, like 30, but considering the mundane posts so far, that's a ton) have read my blog, and I have to say, I'm shocked. There's something so intriguing about that "Stats" feature on Blogger that tells you exactly how many people have visited your blog! I hope I haven't caused anyone to concuss themselves when passing out from sheer boredom.
Personally, I don't really follow any blogs. The only time I tend to visit a blog is if Pinterest leads me there when I'm looking up a recipe. And I feel that recipe blogs are just about the worst. Without exception, they are miles of blah-blah-blah interspersed with pictures of delicious-looking food, more blah-blah-blah, more pictures (can I just find out how to make that tantalizing food, please?!) and then after you've scrolled down about a hundred times, you finally get to the recipe.
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What's Up in Michigan

Not a ton going on here other than baby snuggles and laundry, but spring has arrived (finally...although one must be cautious about making such a declaration, in Michigan!) and that means getting a lot more outside time!

We're planning to plant the garden this weekend. To me it seems terribly late to be starting a garden, but we've had freezing temperatures at night several times in the last week, so better to be safe than sorry! I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew, but I'm planning to plant:

Tomatoes (big and cherries)
Possibly corn
Salad (spinach, lettuce, kale)
AND flowers

I have a feeling I'll be spending vast amounts of my time watering. Thankfully we get rain relatively frequently, even in summer, and also, I picked up a couple soaker hoses at Costco when they were on sale. Hopefully that will make the job easier!

Sam has mowed the yard a couple of times. I think he is really regretting …